Vine Editor Apps: Vine is a very popular video hosting service in which millions of users upload and share their videos right into the app or website. The videos are mostly of very small size (around 6 sec timed on each video), which also can be looped out for initial repeated viewing via editors. Well, most users have vine and many want to upload their videos too. But not finding a good editor? Don’t worry. We got you backed up with this article. And here we will be talking about the top 10 best vine editor apps for Android and iOS.

Vine videos can be mostly done with the help of simple video editors which come with inbuilt video cutters and loopers with timing editor, frame adjuster, and even slow motions features (for HFR videos). But most users don’t actually get the idea of the apps at all, as they are not customized well enough and the UI is not at all simple. This makes video editing more hard and boring, as most users not used to such. For this reason, many developers have created highly simple and intuitive video editors specifically for a vine, along with a very simple UI and great functionalities.

So let’s have a look at the top 10 best vine editor apps for Android and iOS.

Vine Editor Apps

Top 10 Best Vine Editor Apps for Android and IOS

  1. VivaVideo

This is the best vine video editor in the entire Play store and Apple AppStore and is regarded to be highly intuitive for simple editing and looping. Highly used by YouTubers too, as it supports high definition audio and video encoding without cropping out a single bit. VivaVideo also supports multiple input files into the queue system for entering them into the final video. It also supports all types of file formats, thus you can freely record videos in any format and then smack them up into a single file via the app.

Features :

  • Best vine app for video making
  • High-resolution video makers
  • Easy installation and use.


  1. Animoto

Mostly known as the best video maker for its high graphical User Interface which makes users want to make more of their videos and keep on going. You can even add images, bimps, gifs, in the gallery and click photos to videos. Animoto also has over 40 different styles of video techniques and over 100 in background songs to choose from the app itself, no download required at all. Not only that, but it also has live caption editing along with trimmers. Created a video? Share it using just a simple tap to your friends and family.

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Features :

  • Tons of best editing options for video clips
  • Great built in library for adding effects of sounds, animations
  • Optimized for smooth performance.


  1. Videoshow

VideoShow is a highly rated app and is one of the most colorful vine video makers that includes highly intuitive and colorful options to work with, that makes using it feel different. It has full support for one tap including of various video encoded files, pictures, animations, on-screen live stickers add and lot more. Also, one thing that makes it quite useful is the sound editing along with great options for effects. Video frames can be too adjusted using numbering. This is your official vine video app which is available for both Android and iOS.

Features :

  • Simplified UI and UX design
  • Requires small space for installation.
  • Ability to add anything to the video clips.


  1. VideoShop

VideoShop is another great vine video editing and making app which provides user with an ultra wide variety of options. And mostly it lets the user create longer videos via the app, not just for vine. IT includes slow motion adjuster for framing speed, live text typing along with custom style formats for user integrity. You can create very high resolution videos easily with VideoShop in any resolution and even add animated titles to the introduction, thus giving more effect to them. VideoShop also allows creations of slide shows that might not be available on other video editing apps, along with a quick share option.

Features :

  • Motion adjuster for framing and action
  • High resolution upscaler for quality videos
  • Also provides creation of Slide Shows


  1. Lomotif

Lomotif is a highly user friendly and one time customization app that you can use to create vine videos with ease. Along with right away music selection, pictures, video clips, video analyzation with built in editor, Lomotif has another great feature. You can directly transform all the recorded clips into a direct video using pre-loaded settings and Lomotif actually saves the settings for all sorts of videos. You can even edit the settings manually, so all the edited videos come out in the same format. It also has high performance and a fast working environment.

Features :

  • Simplest ever UI and work environment
  • Tons of format converters built in
  • One touch direct video editing


  1. Inshot

Inshot is one of the best vine video editing apps existing in the AppleStore and the Google Playstore with its high grade manual video editing options. It is highly useful for normal video editors too, as they might need a performance tool for their work. And for vine editors, this is your ideal tool for making videos. Coming with an all in one music, audio files, gifs, even emojis, clips and even High Definition clips when making video files, this app has every option and every setting that you will ever require. It also has some extra options including video analyzers.

Features :

  • Fully manual options for performance and reliability
  • Supports all types of editing possible
  • Provides HD video making.


  1. funimate

Known as the best video maker and editor for video stars, funimate is a high grade vine video editing app with huge interactive and highly graphical design. This allows for best video editing along with a fun entertainment provided by the visuals. Also, it contains lots of options for selecting file type, timing, frame rate, direct video frame rate editing, fps counter, music and any audio AAC file add in formats. You can even add your own stickers, inbuilt stickers, emojis, direct texts and lot of on video items to make your final video great and good looking.

Features :

  • Best UX design for better editing
  • Requires low RAM for working
  • Direct on screen editing for raw files


  1. MakeMyMovie

Stunning design and state of the art User Interface makes MakeMyMovie a cool app for all the video making stuff and community. MakeMyMovie supports direct inbuilt photo editing option with commercial and top grade editor, along with live capture, photo matrix resizing, adding multiple images. And along with that it supports, all time video editing options along with cool frame adjuster, slow-mo customizations using frame analyzer. You can even add HD video and make the final video in a better resolution to suit the site and yourself better.

Features :

  • Great User Interface for convenient working
  • Frame analyzer for slow-mo detections
  • Live capture and editing


  1. Kinemaster

For all the pros and for the noobs, this is your official top grade vine video editing app which can make cool and great videos within seconds. Coming with an interactive 3D tool for video rendering and actually creating videos in 3D for various effects, along with in video graphics, text, frame and speed control, frame smoother, direct add in video from online accounts addition options. These are highly useful as you can always make up a great video even if you don’t have enough of the resources. Also, it supports a quick sharing option to Facebook, YouTube. The app is available for download in both Android and iOS.

Features :

  • Full grade video editor with photo analyzer
  • Quick sharing to YouTube option
  • Better UX, graphics, controls and manual options


  1. AndroVid

The simples of the simplest vine video editor is here, AndroVid is used by millions of users for its high grade simplicity. It has a video resolution trimmer built it for smaller although good quality videos for faster uploading and sharing. It supports direct encoding and decoding of the videos, from one format to others, along with MP3 converters along with MPG, MOV MP4EG, FLV, AVI, WMV, WOB formats, direct AAC and WAC to audio addition, adding everything to the same file and lot more. AndroVid also supports simple and quick organization of the videos in the app itself for easy access.

Features :

  • Top grade video format editor built in for ease of use
  • Direct internal conversion of formats to simple ones
  • Add any type of file to videos.



Vine video editors have been highly common throughout the time after Vine has come Live. Millions of users have been creating and uploading videos to the site, as per their strategy. But most of them are not qualified or find it extremely hard for correctly clipping and editing the videos. For them, we have here the top 10 best vine video editing apps for Android and iOS that are available for download and installation.

So, these are the top 15 best Vine Editor Apps for Android and iOS. You can download Best Wishlist App and get more information visit our home page,


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