Unblocked Music Sites: Almost everyone loves to listen to music as it reduces stress. By listening to Music you forget all your tension and becomes fresh. It is the best way to reduce stress and tension because of school or any other work. You can also motivate yourself to complete your homework or any project work easily. In early days, we need to download albums, and songs to listen but now that thing has become easier. Downloading music albums on your smartphone takes a lot of time. Nowadays, there is much music streaming app which can stream any music in any language from any region, artist, movies or albums. Check out free unblocked music sites.

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As there is much music streaming app available but most of the sites are restricted by school networks. But, there is no problem as there are so many popular Free Unblocked music sites for schools, colleges which are available on school networks.  All these free unblocked music sites have the best features and are secure than proxy sites. All the sites are free to use at any private network. Let us check out the best Free Unblocked Music Sites for all the School or college network.

Best Free Unblocked Music Sites

1. Jamendo

Best Free Unblocked Music Sites

If you want a free music site which has your favorite Genres, then the Jamendo site is the best one for you. Jamendo music site has a lot of music from around the world. From this site, you can download music for free without any problem. Moreover, if you are a musician then you can share your music with all the users and can become popular. One the best thing is this site can be used at School, College, or even at your workplace for free.


2. Slacker Radio

Slacker Radio is the best music streaming site. You can also download this app from Play Store or from any inbuilt stores of laptops and phones. The website is a free website and it has some best and unique features like gets access to millions of albums, songs at any time from any network.

Best Free Unblocked Music Sites

Slacker Radio site is a free unblocked music site for schools and it has different options category for Moods, Artists. The best thing about this site is it plays in 2G or weaker 3G network which is provided by ISP.


3. Grooveshark

Best Free Unblocked Music Sites

Grooveshark is the most popular site on the Internet. It has a huge database and the users can access everything they look for. This site is completely free to use. On this site, the users can find the music which is based on artist, genre, songs, album, and much more. However, to use this site, one needs to create an account and once your account is created you can easily listen to the music. On Grooveshark, you can find upcoming musical albums, latest music, videos, songs. In just a single click you can explore your favorite songs.


4. Soundzabound

If you want free music for educational purpose, Soundzabound is the best unblocked music sites. You can download and stream free music and it makes your work easy. To download music from this site, you don’t need any license just scroll down to your favorite music and download it.

Soundzabound also allows you to stream videos, albums, and you can also create your own playlists. You don’t need to worry as the site is completely free and legal to use. So, don’t take tension of getting banned at your school or work.


5. Pure Volume

One of the most well known free unblocked music sites for schools, colleges, is Pure Volume. It has different options for music streaming. The best feature of this site is the user can find artists and creators with any music or albums. And they can promote their own music playlist on the site for free. You can play songs at any network in school, or anywhere.


6. SongArea

From SongArea you can instantly get new trending songs and download it from the website without any problem. You can access free music 24×7 from this SongArea website. SongArea site is not just a music site, but it also has a proxy site which has songs and videos from Plethora of music sites.

SongArea lets the users access free music and it streams super fast with excellent bandwidth.


7. Soundcloud

Soundcloud is a popular site and it has a huge library of music as well as more features. It is an unblocked music site at school, workplace, or college. There are many best features and never ending music. With the social media aspects and favorable network with some nice music to share it has customizable features. To use this site, you need to create a free account. All the users of this site can see what your friends are listening.


8. Blue Beat

With a huge library of free music, the Blue beat is the best site for all the music lovers. Easily you can listen and shift tracks from any genre and enjoy the high-quality music. Blue beat site works as a social network for all the music lovers where you can follow your friends or other music playlists.

You can also create your own playlist or can search for trending songs on the site. Bluebeat has a huge collection of 3D songs which are completely free.


9. FreeZiki

If you want to enjoy hip hop music at work, or school, or college with paying any money then FreeZiki is the best site for you. It is a popular website which is rich in a database of songs, albums and much more. The user interface of the site is very easy, smooth and responsive.

Moreover, if you also like to listen to classic hip hop songs then FreeZiki is the best. On this site, you don’t need to create an account to enjoy the streaming songs.


10. Playlistsound

One of the best unblocked music sites at school, college, or anywhere is Playlistsound. It allows you to stream all the latest music. The User Interface is very smooth and responsive and very easy to use. You can search for a song through artists, bands, songs or by any category. The only negative point of this site is you need to sign up to stream free music. Only in this site, you need to Sign Up, as all other sites don’t ask you to sign up.



So, with this, we end our article of Best Free Unblocked Music Sites. All these sites help you to listen to music in your School, Colleges or at Workplace. All these unblocked music sites are completely free to use. You don’t even need to sign up or do any process to use the site. We also have provided the link of the website so you can directly visit the site, you don’t need to search for it. We hope you liked this article and is helpful for you. Stay tuned to us for more and latest updates.

So, these are the Top 10 Best Unblocked Music Sites. To more Alternative sites To get more information visit our home page techuhunter.com


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