Sites Like MeetMe: MeetMe is a social networking platform which comes up with dating and matching features but it isn’t proclaimed as a dating app. But you can still do all the things you ever wanted in a Dating App.
You can find your match, once you both get connected you can start chatting with each other. There are billions of active people surf this website every single day, you can filter suggestions by your location also to get native results.

Sites Like MeetMe
MeetMe was introduced in 2012, and still, it is famous among teenagers because they have privacy in this app. You can chat individually or can create a group, you can signup using MeetMe credentials or Direct Facebook Login. In simple words, MeetMe is a handy website along with some super cool features.
If you have ever tried this app then it’s awesome, if not, then here I’m going to share Top 10 Sites Like MeetMe.

Top 10 Sites Like MeetMe

I have arranged the list into a sequence and based on ratings from my side. Without taking much time, let’s get started with the list.

We all know about Facebook, I don’t think we need an explanation for what Facebook really does. Still, Facebook is the biggest social networking platform, it doesn’t have any dating feature but they’re going to add Secret Crush option in their upcoming updates.
You can make thousands of friends, chat with them, go live or exchange media. If you love exploring people then this is the best platform for you.


It’s in trending, if you’re living in a metro city then this can be the best option to find a perfect match for you. Here you can check a couple of profiles every day if you like somebody you just have to swipe right and if they also do the same with your profile it will become a match.
No, you can text each other and make a personal bond. Trust me, Tinder is now ruling the Dating Apps Platform you should have to give this app a chance.


It’s a location-based app which has pretty cool options to find a match. You just have to keep your GPS on and whenever you came across another happn user it will show you the profile of the user.
Now you can give them a Heart if you find them attractive or just swipe left if it isn’t your type.
The best part is it will only show nearby people so there is no chance of fake profiles or long distance relationships.


Another awesome dating site similar to MeetMe. Here you have some extras along with texting, you have the option to chat on webcam.
Means you can now do video calls along with text chats, it’s free and the quality is also impressive. I’ve tried this site a year back, and trust me it’s worth to make friends here because here you won’t find any fake profile because you have the option to do video calls.


One of the most active platforms for dating. On Hi5 there are more than 50 million active users who are using this site regularly.
MeetMe and Hi5 have almost same features so there is not so the difference between them. But the database of Hi5 is good and they let you get connected with people from another country too.


DateHookUp is doing pretty good in this field, They ask you many personal questions before you get registered on the website. Questions like your age, what you like, your qualification, your native place or which type of match you want.
Once you get registered you’ll only get a match with all the qualities you need in your mate.
It is not so popular but still they’re doing good work through people are happy with their services, as it’s free and quite impressive too.


It is not a dating website but still, it has some pretty cool features you should like. It’s a Social Networking website which let you make a number of friends at a time, you can post images, quotes or think over your timeline. Before Facebook, It was the only largest social media platform at that time.


You can it’s the safest app in the dating genre. It’s designed for girls who got a crush on somebody and feel embarrassed to ask them out.
Here you’ll get an option to text the person, if he doesn’t reply thank within 24 hours the chat will have automatically vanished.
The looks are same as tinder matching app, if you’re handy to Tinder and don’t feel safe there then I suggest you get started with Bumble.


I know this isn’t a dating app but if you’re in a relationship then this app is just perfect for you. SnapChat has many features like stories which lasts for 24 hours, amazing filters and rich chat box.
With this app you can track your partner location all the time, so your partner can’t cheat on you.


HotOrNot is a combination of Dating and Social Networking Website. This website comes up with some restrictions like you can’t bother somebody if he/she isn’t texting back.
You just need an age of 17 or above, but they won’t ask you for any government proof so you can bypass this. It is also location-based dating website, you must have to turn your GPS on to get tuned with nearby people.

Final Words

I’ve posted all the top 10 sites like MeetMe if you know any other dating platform which can be a part of this list then drop down the name.
If you have any question or any suggestion for us then feel free to ask from us.

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