Sites Like G2A: G2A is an online store for buying and selling game keys. On G2A site you get cheap items than other online stores. You will get stuff like in-game items, gift cards, and other gaming related stuff and will be cheaper from other stores. However, G2A is not the only site which provides cheap Gift Cards, CD Keys, in-game items. There are many sites available on the internet like G2A sites. Some of the sites are even better than G2A in terms of discount and offers. So, here we have listed some of the best alternative Sites like G2A for gaming.

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Best Sites like G2A for Gaming

1. Kinguin

One of the best sites like G2A is Kinguin as it has cheap CD Game keys and much cheaper things. It also has games keys for origin, GOG, and also Steam games. On the page you will see the information about the games like the region is locked or not, requirements to run, who is the seller, the key is for which platform, discount, and much more.

Best Alternative Sites Like G2A For Gaming!

On Kinguin site offers important PC software keys at cheap price. You will get windows keys, office keys, different anti-virus software and much more things at a great discount. For console, it also provides game keys and digital copies of games.

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2. Gamers Gate

In the market, Gamers Gate is the top leading digital product seller available for both Mac and PC. It is the best alternative website to G2A where you can buy a few products of game. One of the best thing about Gamers Gate is it provides offer discount of 90% on game keys.

Best Alternative Sites Like G2A For Gaming!

There are more than 6000 game products available to download. Gamers Gate site has their own currency called “BlueCoins”. You can earn the currency by taking membership of the website or can buy the currency. And when you register to this website you can get exclusive features and will also get the notifications of flash sale.

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3. Green Man Gaming

If you want to buy cheap and popular AAA games then the Green Man Gaming site is the best one for you. On this site, you will mostly get AAA and other popular titles with small indie games. In “ADD-ONS” section you will get DLCs and other ‘add-ons’ for games. Green Man Gaming offers in-game currency and coin packs for different games like GTA Online, NCSoft and much more. The layout of the site is very clean and easy to search. It shows prices and costs in your currency so you get the idea of the price on which you are getting. The payment method is of Debit or Credit Cards with PayPal.

On Green Man Gaming you can get most of the unreleased games. Just visit the Coming Soon section to see which game is available for purchase.

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4. One Play

One Play is the most popular digital gaming subscription service. This site is similar to G2A which provides access to download the game contents. You will get over 2000 premium games which are available for few platforms like Windows PC, Xbox 360, Nintendo and Android devices. So on this site, you will get your favorite genres of games like Action, Sport, Racing, Kids, Arcade games and much more.

And if you want to search the top sellers on this website then just click on the Top Sellers and check it. You can get a VIP subscription of 3 months and can save up to 97% from your money. And on each thing you buy, you will get a 10% discount with free ads and the internet is not required to play games.

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5. GameFlip

One of the best alternatives to G2A is GameFlip. Forgetting CD keys and in-game items GameFlip is the best one. It was launched in 2005, and it gives the services to the gaming community. There is one thing which makes GameFlip different from other sites is it have CD keys and also the actual physical games for sale.

From GameFlip site you can buy old school console games and it has a nice collection of NES, N64, DS, and 3DS games.

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6. SCDkey

SCDkey has cheap game keys which are safe and fast. Mostly the PC game keys can be bought from here. You can get keys from Steam, Ogrin, and Uplay. You will get Gift Cards for different services like Xbox, PlayStation, and Steam. Check out the coming soon section and look for the game if you want to pre-order a game.

Once you select the item you want to buy you will come on the description page of the product. On that page, you will see all the information like Price, Platform, Availability and much more. You can contact them 24/7 if you need any help with the chat service and you will get help within no time.

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7. Games Planet

From 2006, Games Planet is an authorized seller. It offers the customers to buy games legally online which is secure and safe. All the games which are available to buy on this websites support few platforms of the devices like PC, Mac OS 7 Linux.

You can make the payment with SSL encrypted connection using the debit or credit card like Visa, Master Card, Paysafe, Bitcoin, and much more. One of the best parts of this website is you can make a pre-order to buy the products in advance at a cheaper price. There is a special discount on the purchase of any game product while doing the payment through PaySafe.

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8. Games Rocket

Games Rocket is the best alternative site like G2A. It is the best website to buy and download games. There is a huge collection of games and is available for few platforms of the devices which includes Mac and Windows PC.

On Games Rocket Website, you can also buy any software without buying for devices like Android and other devices. On talking about the payment, you can do through PaySafe or Amazon Pay and much more. Immediately you will get the game item as soon as you buy it online from the key store.

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9. Cdkeys

This site gives a list of the digital codes for the latest products which are available on the internet. When you buy each game product you will get the latest deals on the website. The User Interface of the Cdkeys website is very attractive and best. All the game key products are arranged in a manner which is sort by PSN, Xbox Live, Nintendo and much more. On Cdkeys you can also buy console membership with the game keys.

On talking about the Payments to buy the things, Cdkeys accepts the payment through Mastercard, Visa, PayPal, Bitcoin, American Express and much more.

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10. DLgamer

DLgamer website has an option on the site which allows you to sort out the games for your Mac or Windows or Linux or any. You will see the games according to your Operating System. Once you select the Operating System you will see all the games key which are supported and which works on your System and it also shows which distributor they are from. On DLgamer there is a huge collection of PC games keys from different vendors.

There are all genres of games like action, adventure, RPG, and much more. There are a great discount and sale on DLgamer. And there are 15 different payment methods and they also have a 5-star rating so you don’t need to worry.

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So, all these sites have given you all the important information which you need to know about sites like G2A. You can visit any of the website given above if you want to buy your favorite game products at a cheaper price. So, this is the list of alternative sites like G2A. We recommend you to try out any of these websites as each website provides great services and also works smoothly.

So, these are the top 10 Sites Like G2A. To more Alternative sites To get more information visit our home page,


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