Sites Like Evite: Hello everyone, we are back with a new article in which we are going to tell you about sites like Evite. From where you can send online invitations. With the help of these sites, you can easily send invitations to other peoples online. If you search it on the internet you will get so many websites but you don’t know which one is the best one, so here we came up with the list of best sites to send online invitations.

Sites Like Evite

The Evite website is the best and free website service to send an online invitation. It is the free invitation online service which was found in 1998. The co-founder of the site is Al Lieb and Selina Tobaccowala. It became very popular in no time because of its free service. Using the free service of Evite, one can send an invitation for any occasion and it makes our work so easy. Send an invitation through Evite websites, you can put all the details of your ceremony or party. Just enter the Email and phone number of the guest whom you want to invite and then just tap on Finish and send button. However, nowadays, Evite has lost its popularity, so many of its users are searching for similar sites like Evite. If you are also one of them then don’t worry as we are here to help you out. Let us check out the similar sites like Evite from where you can send an online invitation.

Best Sites Like Evite To Send Online Invitation

Let us see the best sites like Evite to send an invitation online. Have a look at the list given below.

1. AnyVite

Anyvite site is the best alternative to the Evite website. With the help of Anyvite site, you can make cards online at the professional level. It offers the users to send the invitation cards with their friends and anyone. It also provides the tools for setting up the invitation cards for any occasion.

This website is very easy to use and one can manage to use the site from their mobile phone. If you want then you can use the free version for 15 days and try first. Then you can buy a premium version. Premium version is perfect for Design Studios, Creative Agencies, Event Promoters, social people, Clubs and organizations, Bars and Venues.


2. PunchBowl

Punchbowl website was founded in 2006. It became very popular when it featured in PC World’s 25 Websites To Watch. For the usability of the website, Punchbowl also won the award of MITX ( Massachusetts Innovation and Technology Exchange).

While using the PunchBowl website, you can not only send the invitations but it also helps you to plan everything from the beginning till the end. The User Interface of the site is very friendly and easy to use. If you are making any invitation card, then first it asks you some questions regarding the party or occasion and then it answers according to that and suggests you make the invitation card.

The best feature of this site is it gives information about the things which is needed in the event.


3. Facebook Event

Facebook is the most popular social media platform which has gained millions of followers over the years. As it has so many users it is the best place to advertise any event and get the attention of all of them. The services which are provided in the facebook app and the features make it a powerful website to send an online invitation. From facebook also you can invite your friends for a party or an event.

Best Sites Like Evite To Send Online Invitations!

To send an invitation through Facebook, one needs to create a new event in your Facebook account. Create an event by filling the details then select those friends whom you want to invite for the occasion. You have an option to invite friends publicly and privately. Moreover, there is a feature where one can promote the event or a party from facebook to other sites with the help of the QR Code.


4. Pingg

Best Sites Like Evite To Send Online Invitations!

An online invitation and card maker and sending an invitation to your friends and family. Pingg website is the best to send an online invitation.  It is one of the unique online services which offers the users a lot of different ideas like party ideas, event, and much more. Use the Pingg website to search for unique and trending party ideas. Pingg website is the best and leading platform to send and create an online invitation.


5. Paperless Post

One of the best alternatives to the Evite website to send digital invitation is the Paperless Post site. The company was founded in 2009 and is based in New York. The website has an app for iOS also. Paperless Post has a partnership with some popular fashion designers like Kelly Wrestler, Oscar De La Renta and much more. It offers the best designs to create an invitation card.

Paperless Post website is a platform where one can create invitation cards and custom cards. There are so many beautiful templates to offer. You can select a template and enter the text as you like it. In the free version of this site you can invite up to 500 guests and in the paid version one can invite up to 15000 guests.


6. Purple Trail

One of the best site like Evite to send an online invitation is Purple Trail. Purple Trail website is the best-paid site to send an invitation. All types of invitation cards are available, one can also create a custom card for their event. There is an app available for iOS on the Apple App Store.

Purple Trail gives you all the solutions for any event, like birthday party, wedding, or holidays, or any occasion. There are more than 5000 designs from where you can choose one. Create a card as you wish like if you want you can add photos also on the invitation card. Add your message, photo, or anything you want and send the invitation for free. You won’t get any annoying ads also.


7. SmileBox

Smilebox is the best app to create Slideshows, collages, invitation cards, greeting cards, or any type of card. The Owner of Smilebox app is Perion Network Ltd. Once you choose the format, then you can create a card as you wish. Create a card and share it with your friends and family through email or any social media platform.

From this site, create a card and share it online easily and quickly. Easily send customized invitation cards to your loved ones. With this make your work easy and do fast.


8. Canva

Best Sites Like Evite

One of the best site to create any design is Canva. I have personally used canva site and I loved it. If you also want to try something unique and different then you must once use Canva you will love it. Canva is a very easy platform to make creative cards and anything.


9. Zoji

Zoji site allows you to do activities offline also. With the help of the Zoji service, you can create events for a different party and also of social groups. No matter it is with work friends, or relatives, or any other friends. Zoji site is very easy to use, just visit the site and choose any invitation design, then enter the information of the event.


10. Shindigg

Sites Like Evite To Send Online Invitations!

Shindigg website is an event management platform and also an event creator which helps you to set up the events, create cards, tickets. With the help of the event producer, you can sell and manage the event and tickets online. This site is the best one to give out the best scale and all the guests can be invited.



One of the best online platform to send the invitation online is On this site, you can get all the tools to create an invitation card and you also get all the latest party ideas from this platform. It allows you to choose the templates for your occasion like wedding, birthday party or any occasion. Choose the templates as you need and then create a card. It is very easy to create a card online and send it to your friends.



Well, these are some of the best alternatives to Evite sites to send online invitations. Use these websites and create your own card to send the invitation of any occasion to your friends. We hope, now you got the idea of creating cards online. If you want some more cool features from Evite sites, then use the above given sites which might be helpful for you. We hope, this article was helpful for you, stay tuned to us for more and latest updates.

So, these are the top 10 Sites Like Evite. To more Alternative sites To get more information visit our home page


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